Acting Class Daily
Acting Class Daily
The Elysium Aesthetic

The Elysium Aesthetic

Week Three: Growing Excellence

Happy Monday! Welcome back to Acting Class Daily and The Elysium Aesthetic. We continue with our complimentary month of free classes, laying the groundwork for the tools and practices we’ll be covering in the year ahead. Enjoy!

This Month’s Focus

An Introduction To The Elysium Aesthetic

Today’s Class

Growing Excellence

Today’s Target

What are those special & unique muscles that earn excellence in our craft? 

​What areas develop the muscles we need to roar us across our personal finish line of Elysium?

​And how do we deal with challenges

​We all have the right to be frustrated and we all have the right to get stuck. We all have the right to get lost. So … what happens when something feels off? 

​​Let’s look closer at the muscles that overcome challenge and propel us forward down the road of earned excellence and across our finish line of Elysium.

Next Class: The Muscles of Preparation
Previous Class: What Is Good Acting?

  1. Fan of Forward

  1. A Human Aesthetic

  2. Practice

  3. Make Life Our Gym

  4. You Caring For You


ARTISTRY: Elysium Artist, Personal Crafting Schedule, DEAR (3Qs, MoM, New Knowings, Motivation Muscle, Emotional BPs, Fearless Fountain, GoS Spotlight, Mentorship Muscle)

INSTRUMENT: Physical Practice, Imagination Practice, The Veil, Vocal Practice, Emotional Practice, Psychological Practice, Personal Warmup.

CRAFT: EA First Rehearsal, Rehearsal Report, Learning Lines, Nurture Transformation, Nature Transformation, Sensory Transformation, Physical Transformation, Relationship Transformation, Soul Work, Character Hooks, Etude Work, Rehearsal Exercises.

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Acting Class Daily
Acting Class Daily
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