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The Elysium Aesthetic

Learning Lines

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Happy Monday! Welcome back to Acting Class Daily and Class Two of The Elysium Aesthetic. It’s the fourth Monday of the month, which means our focus turns to our Craft.

We do so much to transform.

So much to be free of the actor and show up ready to live as the character.

And yet …

There is no greater hope for intellectual control than in how we learn our lines.

If all of this work is a battle for trust, the intellect has already proven that it’s trustworthy.

It is the most trustworthy area you can go to, muscle you can turn to, when it comes to memorizing. It’s won that battle … and continues to build trust even now.

If you needed to memorize something - just this minute - you would turn to your intellect because you know it has your back.

The Intellect is counting on you being afraid, filled with doubt, reliant on the trust it builds daily …

It’s time to push back.

It’s time to turn the tables.

It’s time to transform how we learn our lines.

This week we are breaking the bonds of pre-determined behavior and flooding our work with lines that live in our veins.

Beat in our heart.

Form in our soul.

Words ready to dance with the truth, any truth, of the moment.

Up next, Learning Lines … an epic addition to our transformation toolbox.

The Road To Elysium

Elysian Fields (Arthur Bowen Davies)

This Month’s Focus

Class Two: The Olympic Spirit

Today’s Class

Learning Lines (Notes)

Today’s Finish Line

A powerful new tool for your craft that ensures your lines are on-time, exact and instinctual - fearlessly ignited, and unapologetically colored, by the taste of the moment.

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New to our work?

These four chapters of our overview are where we recommend you start: Kindred Spirits, What Is Good Acting?, Growing Excellence, The Muscles of Preparation.

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The Olympic Spirit

We’ll use this space to recap each week’s personal crafting work - and share the discoveries and challenges of teammates within our community.

Personal Crafting Work

Practice & Personalize

Use The Red Coat to practice and personalize each element of learning lines by rote with a one-week deadline:

  1. Divide your script into 7 (kinda) equal sections.

  2. Discover your rhythm of rote.

  3. Discover your chunk size for learning by rote.

  4. Discover the setup of your “Michael Jordan Test.”

Learning Lines By Rote

Use Danny (Act One) + Danny (Act Two) to grow your ease and abilities with a one-week deadline for each:

  1. Divide each act into 7 (kinda) equal sections.

  2. Learn each day’s section by rote.

  3. Apply the “Michael Jordan Test.”

  4. Let it go.

    *Apply the MJ Test before + after learning each new section.

Share your discoveries & challenges with Learning Lines By Rote. Simply hit ‘reply’ to this email. Members can share anytime on Discord and comment here on Substack:

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Be Fearless.


Put It Up On The Wall!

We had a tradition of capturing quotes on the Elysium walls. The torch has now been passed to the digital realm. We’ll use this space to highlight quotes and translate those terms we tend to throw around.

Glossary Gigantum

ROTE; rhythm that has no flavor, no color, no sense to it.

boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom.

A cold dead rhythm.

We use the rhythm of rote to learn by instinct.

To overwhelm the memorization triggers of our intellect.

To free our lines of pre-determined behavior.

To break our habit … our dependency … on our intellect controlling memorization … on our need to remember.

We use rote to set ourselves free.

Today’s Quote

'‘You get to live somewhere so cool, so Joan of Arc-ian …”

Sample the ‘stacks.

In honor of our friends at The Sample (who knew the coolest newsletters to send me … and here we are today!) each Monday I’ll highlight a Substacker that’s tickling the tastebuds:

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