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The Elysium Aesthetic

Week Two: What Is Good Acting?

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Happy Monday! Welcome back to Acting Class Daily and The Elysium Aesthetic. We continue with a complimentary month of free classes to lay the groundwork for the tools and practices we’ll be covering in the year ahead. Enjoy!

This Month’s Focus

An Introduction To The Elysium Aesthetic

Today’s Class

What Is Good Acting?

Today’s Target

I wonder what would have happened if I could have sat down with my teachers before training with them and learned their thoughts on acting.

Why they love it, how they view success, and their passion for what’s possible when training in their direction. 

​Let’s take time to lay out the training landscape of our journey ahead. 

​Let's crystalize what you’ll be left with after giving your energy, time, passion … all the ways you invest in yourself, honestly, when growing as an actor. 

​Taking the time at the start to know exactly what you’ll have when we cross our finish line of training together.

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  1. Juliet

  1. No Competition

  2. We Would Know

  3. Organized

  4. When We Train


ARTISTRY: Elysium Artist, Personal Crafting Schedule, DEAR (3Qs, MoM, New Knowings, Motivation Muscle, Emotional BPs, Fearless Fountain, GoS Spotlight, Mentorship Muscle)

INSTRUMENT: Physical Practice, Imagination Practice, The Veil, Vocal Practice, Emotional Practice, Psychological Practice, Personal Warmup.

CRAFT: EA First Rehearsal, Rehearsal Report, Learning Lines, Nurture Transformation, Nature Transformation, Sensory Transformation, Physical Transformation, Relationship Transformation, Soul Work, Character Hooks, Etude Work, Rehearsal Exercises.

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