Acting Class Daily
Acting Class Daily
The Elysium Aesthetic

The Elysium Aesthetic

Week Six: The Road To Elysium

Happy Monday! Welcome back to Acting Class Daily and Part One of The Elysium Aesthetic. We begin each month with a complimentary, week one perspective-shaper. A tone-setter for the tools and practices we’ll be covering over the next three weeks in each of our three areas of lifelong growth: artistry, instrument and craft. Enjoy!

New to the work? These free introductory chapters are where we recommend you start: Kindred Spirits, What Is Good Acting?, Growing Excellence, The Muscles of Preparation.

This Month’s Focus

Part One: The Road To Elysium

Today’s Class

The Road To Elysium

Today’s Target

Let’s begin by looking at the elements of earning excellence.

​The muscles, the instincts, the habits, that take us beyond fleeting success … and make this way of working - living truthfully through imaginary circumstances with personal, professional pride - our constant.

Next Class: Elysium Artist
Previous Class: EA Teaching Philosophy

  1. Knowing Your Finish Line

  1. Embrace The Base

  1. Surrendering To The Process

  1. Building Crucial Muscles

  1. As Clear As Possible


ARTISTRY: Elysium Artist, Personal Crafting Schedule, DEAR (3Qs, MoM, New Knowings, Motivation Muscle, Emotional BPs, Fearless Fountain, GoS Spotlight, Mentorship Muscle)

INSTRUMENT: Physical Practice, Imagination Practice, The Veil, Vocal Practice, Emotional Practice, Psychological Practice, Personal Warmup.

CRAFT: EA First Rehearsal, Rehearsal Report, Learning Lines, Nurture Transformation, Nature Transformation, Sensory Transformation, Physical Transformation, Relationship Transformation, Soul Work, Character Hooks, Etude Work, Rehearsal Exercises.

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Acting Class Daily
Acting Class Daily
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