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The Elysium Aesthetic

Moments of Magic

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Happy Monday! Welcome back to Acting Class Daily and Class Three of The Elysium Aesthetic. It’s the second week of the month, which means our focus is on our Artistry.

How do we know if we’re talented?

Talent is so tricky. So ripe for insecurity. Until now it has belonged in other people’s hands. Others decide whether we’re talented or not.

And we internalize it.

No matter how long we’ve lived with our talent, no matter how many ways we’ve judged it, or watched it … we don’t really know it the way we deserve to know it.

Because when we know our talent - when we capture undeniable moments of our talent - we grow undeniable faith in that same talent.

What happens when we start building a foundation that you yourself believe?

What happens when you don’t rely on other people to know whether or not you’re talented?

What type of things will you reach for … when you know you can?

This week we’re introducing a teammate and a guide.

Something to capture your talent and make it undeniable.

Undeniable to you.

The tool of Moments of Magic.

The Road To Elysium

Enee Meeting With His Father In La Elysium (Sebastiaen Vrancx)

This Month’s Focus

Class Three: Actor’s Faith

Today’s Class

Moments of Magic (Notes)

Today’s Finish Line

A powerful new tool for your artistry that reveals your talent, sharpens your talent, builds an undeniable faith in your talent … all while growing a habit of fearless, artistic expression.

Last Week:

Actor’s Faith

Next Week:

Imagination Practice (Part One)


New to our work?

These four chapters of our overview are where we recommend you start: Kindred Spirits, What Is Good Acting?, Growing Excellence, The Muscles of Preparation.

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The Olympic Spirit

We’ll use this space to recap each week’s personal crafting work - and share the discoveries and challenges of teammates within our community.

Personal Crafting Work

Moments of Magic

Locate, specify, and creatively communicate an Undeniable Moment of Magic from:

  1. A movie or television show.

  2. A song.

  3. A poem or paragraph of text.

  4. A park or supermarket visit.

  5. Your day at work.

Creative Communication Challenge

Over the span of four weeks, focus the growth of your fearless expression.

  1. Week One: creatively communicate your Undeniable Moment of Magic using only music.

  2. Week Two: creatively communicate your Undeniable Moment of Magic using only images.

  3. Week Three: creatively communicate your Undeniable Moment of Magic using only objects.

  4. Week Four: creatively communicate your Undeniable Moment of Magic using only poetry or movement.

Share your Moments of Magic along with any discoveries & challenges! Simply hit ‘reply’ to this email. Members can share anytime on Discord and comment here on Substack:

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Raw. Fearless. Performance.


Put It Up On The Wall!

We had a tradition of capturing quotes on the Elysium walls. The torch has now been passed to the digital realm. We’ll use this space to highlight quotes and translate those terms we tend to throw around.

Glossary Gigantum

MOMENT OF MAGIC; a moment when the imaginary tastes real.

A moment that magnetically pulls the humanity of the audience into your instrument, into your truth, and allows them to live it.

They are the gold.

The purest form of your talent.

Your talent gifts audiences with moments of magic.

Transportive moments where work is filled with the essence of undeniable truth.

Imaginative truth.


The beautiful cycle of knowing and believing.

The undeniable, pure essence of success in our craft.

A moment of magic.

Today’s Quote

'‘A majestic piano of imaginational possibility.”

Sample the ‘stacks.

In honor of our friends at The Sample (who knew the coolest newsletters to send me … and here we are today!) each Monday I’ll highlight a Substacker that’s tickling the tastebuds:

Play On.

Music to carry us into our break.