May 15 • 31M

The Elysium Aesthetic

Week Twenty: The Veil (Imagination Practice - Part Two)

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Happy Monday! Welcome back to Acting Class Daily and Part Four of The Elysium Aesthetic. We continue all month with classes focusing on each of our three areas of lifelong growth: artistry, instrument and craft.

Today’s member-exclusive class introduces a powerful new teammate for our Instrument section. Enjoy!

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This Month’s Focus

Part Four: I Can Do Anything

Today’s Class

The Veil (Imagination Practice - Part Two)

Imagination Practice (Part One) - easy access!

Today’s Target

​​What happens when the world gets in the way?

​Whether it’s a knock at the door … having to use the restroom … hearing “Places, please!” … backstage conversations, makeup adjustments, audition introductions and small talk …

How can we “do anything” in environments that pull us from permission?

​Today we’re introducing a tool to ensure we can always coexist with the world around us.

A powerful new teammate for your instrument that maintains limit-less imaginative possibility in any real world environment.

​A teammate for your Imaginative Practice.

​A teammate for your Personal Crafting Work.

​A teammate for your acting life ... The Veil.

Next Class: Nature Transformation
Previous Class: New Knowings

  1. Auditions

  1. Challenges

  1. It’s A Roar

  1. Unbound. Fearless.

  1. A Great Teammate


ARTISTRY: Elysium Artist, Personal Crafting Schedule, DEAR (3Qs, MoM, New Knowings, Motivation Muscle, Emotional BPs, Fearless Flame, GoS Spotlight, Mentorship Muscle)

INSTRUMENT: Physical Practice, Imagination Practice, The Veil, Vocal Practice, Emotional Practice, Psychological Practice, Personal Warmup.

CRAFT: EA First Rehearsal, Rehearsal Report, Learning Lines, Nurture Transformation, Nature Transformation, Sensory Transformation, Physical Transformation, Relationship Transformation, Soul Work, Character Hooks, Etude Work, Rehearsal Exercises.

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