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What Is Acting Class Daily?

An Acting Conservatory on Substack.

ACD is your daily acting conservatory dedicated to growing the muscles of being at your best, when doing what you love most. We deliver to your inbox empowered training, inspired mentorship, and curated creativity with monthly themes and weekly goals, building to a year-long arc of growth:

  • Mondays: The Elysium Aesthetic (weekly audio class + progress tracker)

  • Tuesdays: Aaron’s Notes (handwritten class notes + glossary)

  • Wednesdays: Personal Crafting Work (muscle-building exercises + mentorship)

  • Thursdays: Moments of Magic (music + memories)

  • Fridays: Cabaret Elysium (eclectic art + unapologetic expression)

  • Saturdays: Rehearsal Playground (mainstage projects + character explorations)

  • Sundays: Shakespeare Brunch (funday celebration)

A Closer Look At Our Weekly Schedule.

Let’s take a closer look at what arrives throughout your week. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

Acting Training For All.

MONDAYS - THE ELYSIUM AESTHETIC. An in-depth, weekly, step-by-step approach for every tool, every muscle, every everything an actor needs to soar, no matter what the world asks of you. New chapters released Mondays over 2023. (here’s a sample)

TUESDAYS - AARON’S NOTES. A raw, handwritten breakdown of each week’s audio chapter, a new addition to our Glossary Gigantum, and a chance to turn a silly class moment … into legend. (here’s a sample)

WEDNESDAYS - PERSONAL CRAFTING WORK. Resources, recommendations, video troubleshooting tips, and personal exercises that grow the muscles, perspectives and practices focused on in each week’s class. (here’s a sample)

THURSDAYS - MOMENTS OF MAGIC. Each week, DJ EA (that’s me!) reveals new selections to our Instrument Practice Playlists, a personal knickknack from our weekly class, and a magical moment that shaped my artistic life. (here’s a sample)

A Raw, Creative Spirit.

FRIDAYS - CABARET ELYSIUM. ​A cabaret delivered right to your inbox. We welcome the weekend with inspiration, celebration and performative passion.(here’s a sample)

SATURDAYS - REHEARSAL PLAYGROUND. We rehearse and play in two unique ways: weekly character challenges + monthly mainstage rehearsal projects. They’re designed for solo exploration, archived on Substack, organized and easy to revisit anytime. Jump in one week, recharge the next. An open playground ready when you are. (here’s a sample)

SUNDAYS - SHAKESPEARE BRUNCH. A celebration of food, poetry, song, and a fresh cup a joe. (here’s a sample)

What do I get as a free subscriber?

All Daily Newsletters + 1 Audio Class Per Month

  • Monday Audio Classes (first week of each month only)

  • Monday-Sunday Newsletters (complete access)

What do I get as a paid member ($5/month or $30/year)?

All Weekly Audio Classes + Community + Feedback

  • Monday Audio Classes (complete access)

  • Monday-Sunday Newsletters (complete access)

  • Three additional weekly audio classes each adding a new artistic muscle-builder, instrument practice, or transformational tool to your Elysium Aesthetic Toolbox.

  • Access to our Substack community chat and comments section where we discuss our discoveries and challenges - and feedback is given when requested.

  • Complete archive access! Every class. Every tool. Every teammate. No matter when you join, you get to experience every step along the way.


Plus, 90% of your membership supports …

90% of all paid subscriptions will be donated to our Young Elysium Artists program. Members vote to nominate & award (mini) grants for (mini) artists in need … fanning the flame of fearless around the world.

YEA helps lil’ artists (and their sidekicks) fulfill some big ‘ol potential.


FAQ (updated regularly)

Questions? Let us know by emailing actingclassdaily@substack.com

Q: How can I learn more about your teaching experience and philosophy?

A: Here ya go!

Acting Class Daily
The Elysium Aesthetic
Listen now (19 min) | Happy Monday! Welcome back to Acting Class Daily and The Elysium Aesthetic. We continue with our complimentary month of free classes, laying the groundwork for the tools and practices we’ll be covering in the year ahead. Enjoy…
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