What Is Acting Class Daily?

ACD is a professional teammate - designed for any actor, at any stage of their life. Each week, we deliver to your inbox inspired, empowered training, kindred spirit connection, and curated creativity that strums on the chords of human truth.

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First, here’s what all subscribers can expect each week:


Why Sign Up For A Free Subscription?

You Don’t Have To Get Ready. You Are Ready.

There’s no real way to inspire the type of trust we’ll need in an introductory blurb.

Not really.

Not when so many unique artists read this, each with their own strengths, challenges, needs and careers … so we devoted our first month to an overview of the work and the potential you’ll unleash growing in our direction.

Chapter One: Kindred Spirits

Chapter Two: What Is Good Acting?

Chapter Three: Growing Excellence

Chapter Four: The Muscles of Preparation

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Acting Class Daily.

Let’s take a closer look at what arrives throughout your week. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

Free Training For All.

MONDAYS - THE ELYSIUM AESTHETIC. 1 Overview. 10 Classes. 45 Audio Chapters. An in-depth, weekly step-by-step approach for every tool, every muscle, every everything an actor needs to soar, no matter what the world asks of you. New audio chapters released Mondays over 2022.

TUESDAYS - Aaron’s Notes - a raw, handwritten breakdown of the week’s audio chapter, personal goodies, resources, and a … moment of magic. (here’s a sample)

A Community of Kindred Spirits.

THURSDAYS - KINDRED CONNECT. Some of our best moments of clarity come from experiencing the discoveries, challenges, fears and confidences of teammates. (here’s a sample). RADIO ELYSIUM (Thursdays at 10 am PST) features free-flowing discussion on topics that speak to an actor’s artistic life, EA classes, professional application, and current events. Listen to the show & join the conversation live only on Callin. (here’s a sample episode)

A Raw, Creative Spirit.

FRIDAYS - CABARET ELYSIUM. ​A cabaret delivered right to your inbox! Fridays feature curated tastes of raw, creative spirit. We welcome the weekend with inspiration, celebration and performative passion! (here’s a sample)

Dance ~ Film ~ Acting ~ Writing ~ Music ~ Art ~ Food ~ Improv ~ Magic ~

It’s all fair game as long as it’s offered fearlessly, unapologetically, and … LIVE.

Explore. Express. Experiment.

Why become a paid member?

Grow forward with teammates.

Members have Aaron at the ready each Sunday to advise on any professional or training need.

Members go further in the work with 24/7 access to our exclusive Discord community where feedback is always given to your work.

Members have exclusive access to monthly rehearsal projects and weekly challenges where we apply experimental tools to creative work we’ll remember forever.

And, something truly special… an exclusive character in our town of Spoon River.

Start Your Membership Today

  • Lock in your own exclusive character for EA’s creative world-building of Edgar Lee Master’s Spoon River Anthology. Welcome to Spoon River. The character you choose is yours exclusively as long as you’re a paying member. Elysium will be bringing the Spoon River world to radio, film, theatrical, musical, written and virtual reality (!) projects for seasons to come. Take your very own character on the adventure of a deathtime…

  • SATURDAYS - REHEARSAL PLAYGROUND. Paid members are invited to play in two unique ways: our weekly character challenges + our monthly MainStage rehearsal projects. Once you have access as a paid member you can participate is as many (or as few) challenges and projects as you’d like, as life allows. Participate one week, recharge the next. They’re posted on Discord, organized and easy to revisit anytime. An open playground ready when you are.

  • SUNDAYS - THE SUNDAY SCHMOOZ (Sundays at 10 am PST). Our weekly video coaching and hangout chat, offering guidance, mentorship and coaching for any professional or training need.

  • Access to our Substack community comments section + invitation to our exclusive Discord community where we discuss our discoveries and challenges - and feedback is given when you upload assignments.

  • Complete archive access! Every class. Every tool. Every teammate. No matter when you join, you get to experience every step along the way.


Mentorship + Teammates + Rehearsal Playground

  • Saturdays: Rehearsal Projects + Weekly Character Challenges

  • Sundays: The Sunday Schmooz

  • EA Spoon River - Exclusive Character

  • Complete archives! Community chat! Discord Invite!


Why become an annual member?

Success. Together.

Annual membership gives us both the gift of accomplishing extraordinary things with the time we have together.

You hunger to fulfill your artistic potential.

We hunger to show you the way.


Monthly exclusives, plus:

  • Private 20-minute Zoom coaching session with Aaron

  • Save 35% off the monthly member rate

Your membership supports … Young Elysium Artists.

Let’s make believe.

5% of all paid member subscriptions will be donated to our Young Elysium Artists program. Members nominate & vote to award grants for young artists in need - fanning the flame of fearless around the world.

YEA helps lil’ artists (and their sidekicks) fulfill some big ‘ol potential.

FAQ (updated regularly)

Q: I’m thinking of joining, but it looks like you’ve already begun. What happens with new members like me?

Think of Acting Class Daily as a light-switch.

All you have to do is flick it on and suddenly … you’re connected.

You’re artistically alive.

You can tune in anytime to learn a new way to grow your artistry, develop your instrument, and add to your transformation toolbox.

And you can flick the switch off anytime you’d like.

Because it’s not about someone else’s schedule. Or a class that moves at the pace of how others learn.

The Elysium Aesthetic moves at your pace, at your time, at the speed of your personal discoveries and challenges.

We are taking a full year to go through everything an actor needs from first read of the script through the final performance. Every tool, every warmup, every everything.

Week by week. Piece by piece.

Our pace is deliberate because there is no rush when you’re doing it for real.

This is about resistance training. You up against you. No one is ever really ahead of anyone else.

It’s not about quick tips and tricks that fool our way forward. It’s about learning the things you can do to grow real muscles and turn them into personal instincts that ensure meaningful success.

Easily, efficiently, joyfully. Always.

Doing something this significant only works when you are ready to roar. When you want to catch up. When you need to push yourself further.

So everything is set up for that flexibility.

Whenever you join (or tune back in) we’ll have everything organized and ready. Every class and conversation. Every tool and teammate template. Re-live discussions, learn from shared discoveries and challenges and then add your own.

That’s the strength of this approach. Available whenever you are.

Patient. Steady. Sure.

And you can always count on my feedback for all of your posted work.

One of things that sets Elysium Artists apart is our cycle of mentorship. When you contribute today to a past class, you’ll find fellow artists eager to share what they’ve learned.

I know this because that’s just the sort of person we attract.

People just like you.

These conversations continue - always fresh, always new - because what we know about our tools, our instruments, ourselves as artists, continue to evolve.

We are one, big, laboratory of creative discovery.

Learning and growing, exploring and innovating our way forward.

And as much as time and space may separate us in this work, there is something more powerful there to connects us.

Something that spans generations and cultures. Something universal.

Our shared humanity.

It’s complicated. It’s complex. It refuses to be revealed on a timeline.

But it hummus around something true. Something real.

However you’ve come to find us, whenever you join or jump back in, we trust the timing is just right.

It was always meant to be.

That’s our vision. Growing excellence together.

Q: How are members able to collaborate?

In three important ways:

CRAFT: Teammates for every tool. No matter when you join throughout 2022, members have access to all the discoveries and challenges organized and available on Discord. Each class and tool has it’s own channel where (along with my feedback) your questions are answered by other members leading to the discoveries that trampoline us forward. With new members joining all the time, discussion crackles over each tool, all year long.

CREATIVITY: Annual members are invited to work on weekly character challenges that culminate with monthly live, group rehearsals.

Have a project you’re passionate about collaborating on? a scene that needs a partner? a song? dance? film? improv sketch? live bake-off?

All members have access to EA’s curated community of like-minded artists all with a common language and shared purpose (head over to the “let’s collaborate” channel on Discord to connect anytime).

And, of course, there’s Cabaret Elysium. Fridays (beginning March 11th) come with tastes of the passions and curiosities inspiring us to create. To risk. After each Cabaret, the conversations continue into the comments section, where we want interest and engagement to motivate the next steps of collaboration and performance.

COMMUNITY: We facilitate Kindred Connections within our community each Tuesday - discovering the artistic passions and shared humanity of our world-wide membership. We inspire members to reach out and engage over connections (surprisingly) large … and (quirkily) small.

Q: Can I receive feedback on independent projects (non-EA related stuff)?

With pleasure.

Each week, members have access to an hour-long “Sunday Schmooz” (video ama) where I offer guidance to the questions you have about your training, professional application, and artistic life.

And since it’s Sunday, it’s also a bit playful.

Thursdays offer everyone a chance to Radio Elysium on Callin - a live caller-driven show where we discuss all things acting.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to get advice on any personal project.

Whatever you are working on, whatever audition is upcoming, whatever teacher/director is confusing you … you’ll have a teammate to talk to and personal advice on things you can do to set up meaningful success.

And, of course, submitting weekly for Cabaret Elysium!

Share tastes of your projects and passions with feedback always available.

Q: How will this help me become a star?

I believe that knowing how to be the best of yourself, in something you care deeply about, is fundamental to success in life.

I want you to find the success you’re looking for in any aspect of this craft.

Zombie blockbusters. Shakespearean festivals.

Heck, even those funky late-night commercials.

You get to choose how to use your newly acquired superpowers.

It starts with knowing how to always be your best. How to always work with ease and efficiency. To embrace and work off of whatever life throws your way.

Easily. Efficiently. Joyfully.

Being built to be your best, to love your work, your collaborators, your moment. Always.

As that becomes instinctual and habitual … you become ready for the moment.

An Olympic athlete doesn’t know what awaits them in the moment. They prepare themselves to be their very best so when opportunity strikes … they are built to have their own back.

To be their best in any moment.

I’d like to think that’s a beginning to answering this textured question.

And, of course, it’s really about what being a star means to you.

My wish for your fame and stardom is that when any professional knows they get to work with you and any audience member knows they get to experience your work … a cheer erupts in their heart. They feel fortunate.

Questions? Let us know by emailing actingclassdaily@substack.com

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