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Rehearsal Playground

Week #17: The Wizard Of Dorcas

Happy Saturday, friends. Welcome to EA’s Rehearsal Playground. Each week we’ll celebrate our Mainstage material and capture graveyard echoes emanating from EA’s Spoon River.

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Graveyard Echoes

The Spoon River Anthology (Edgar Lee Masters)

Dorcas Gustine

I was not beloved of the villagers,
But all because I spoke my mind,
And met those who transgressed against me
With plain remonstrance, hiding nor nurturing
Nor secret griefs nor grudges.
That act of the Spartan boy is greatly praised,
Who hid the wolf under his cloak,
Letting it devour him, uncomplainingly.
It is braver, I think, to snatch the wolf forth
And fight him openly, even in the street,
Amid dust and howls of pain.
The tongue may be an unruly member—
But silence poisons the soul.
Berate me who will—I am content.

Ready to snatch the wolves of Dorcas Gustine?

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Cinema Elysium Presents

The Wizard Of Oz

Follow The Yellow Brick Road (1939)

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ALL NEW: Weekly Character Challenge

This month we’re working our way towards The Portal.

A chance to come back to life.

To say anything we want to anyone we choose.

Seizing the opportunity of a deathtime.

This week … The Heart Map.

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