Monthly Check-in

March 2022


Hi friends! I hope you’re enjoying Acting Class Daily. I’ve learned so much from these first four weeks fueled by your friendly feedback.

Here are 3 special somethings to share:

Monthly membership now means the entire EA experience.

  • Welcome to EA’s Rehearsal Playground.

  • An exclusive Spoon River character.

  • All the class notes, teammate trampolines, Sunday Schmoozi (plural for our weekly video coaching/hangout hour) … and now with all of the creative exploration, experimentation, and collaboration that had been exclusive to annual membership.

All of it. For less than a dollar a day.

Sign up for a month. Take the next off. Catch up on everything, easily, anytime.

But wait … annual members are getting something special, too!

Annual members score meaningful savings (only $3/week!) … and I’m adding a bonus 20-minute private video coaching session. Free to use anytime (with 48 hrs. notice) over your year of membership.

MEMBER EXCLUSIVES ($20/month or $156/year)

Mentorship + Teammates + Rehearsal Playground

  • Mondays: Aaron’s Class Notes

  • Tuesdays: Teammate Trampolines

  • Saturdays: Rehearsal Projects + Weekly Character Challenges

  • Sundays: The Sunday Schmooz

  • EA Spoon River - Exclusive Character

  • Complete archives! Community chat! Discord Invite!

I Want To Go To There

Starting next week we’ll be welcoming the weekends with our Friday Cabaret and Saturday Rehearsal Playground.

You can always easily control which editions arrive. Pause/re-start any day, anytime.

If you were an early subscriber (high five!) you were accidentally removed from our Saturday/Sunday editions. Both editions offer something unique for all subscribers and special exclusives for paid membership (here’s a Sunday sample).

Add Saturday + Sunday

Cabaret Elysium debuts!!!! Kindred Connect is rockin’!!!

Click these two links to get a taste of what submitting feels like … and then go for it. We’ll have a blast getting to know you … and it’ll feel great sharing something meaningful, something unapologetically you.

Explore Kindred Connect

Explore Cabaret Elysium

My inspiration for “The Veil”

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and we had this …

Ahhh! Something like it would be wonderful for us actors. Not as a means to perform or present ourselves, but rather an opportunity to drop the veil and simply speak you.

If you haven’t given it a try just yet … there’s no better time than right now to leave your first audio message: 989-843-8345 (THE VEIL).

Thanks for making this first month so special, my friends. Here’s to the adventure ahead!